About Us

 MVM Associates differentiates ourselves from our competition in the following ways:
  1. Experience: MVM has been in business since 1997. We have assisted hundreds of firms in obtaining and managing government funded programs. We have worked with hundreds of companies processing over $100 Million dollars in tax credit applications. Our clients include: Siemens Medical Solutions; Cigna; Exelon; Ecotech Marine; Frontage Laboratories; Morphotek; Plextronics; Polymedix and many more.  

  2. Straight Answers: When dealing with government funds, the most important thing is that our client’s understand all of the rules, assurances and outcomes. Before getting started, we will explain to our clients all of the terms and conditions of the programs so they can make the right decision as to whether or not to participate. This is regardless of how it impacts MVM’s business.

  3. Security: Some of government funded programs require that a company provide certain confidential information in order to be approved. MVM has developed a multi-step security protocol that ensures protection of data.

  4. Flexibility: Our clients can engage us in the capacity that best fits their needs. For example, they can hire MVM for the entire application services. Or, another possibility would be to hire MVM just to sell your tax credits.

  5. Follow Through: MVM doesn’t stop representing you after we have received our fees. MVM will ensure that close out is final.
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